Bon Lait  Gourmandise minidiary

We are family farm and gourmandise minidiary producing premium quality farmed milk of French breeding goats and sheep in Moravia (CZ)

Bon Lait = French Good Milk

Why is our milk French-like?

  • because our sheep and goats are French
  • because our farm in Moravia was created according to the pattern and principles of French farms focused on high quality milk all year round
  • because even the French gourmand knows that our milk has premium quality and high demands on cleanliness and hygiene with minimal goat aroma. Do you know that sheep's milk does not have a flavor at all, tastes like cow's, is it smoother?

Do you know the difference between Czech and French goats? :-)

The purebred French goat is specially grown to give milk with very weak to no goat flavor. No, it's not a joke ...

This is how French gourmands know to do it. And we at Bon Lait.

Yoghurts from goat and sheep milk have recently received a favorable rating from nutritionists. Right belongs to the nutrition of modern times, superfoods ect .. But many of us are afraid of their specific aroma. Unnecessarily - From Bon Lait TASTE GREAT! Because  milk is from specially bred pure-bred French goats, and because the family of veterinarians is able to supervise on their farm a high level of hygiene and cleanliness in the production of milk.

Bon Lait =

French "good milk"

Taste Bon Lait

Goat yoghurt Bon Lait and Sheep yoghurt Bon Lait are mattured in a cup and naturally sweet as well thanks to the time of fermentation.

Our tip: Bon Lait Goat or Sheep Yoghurt with Salted Caramel - Inspiration from French Breton.

We have a novelty - Goat milk powder + goat colostrum Bon Lait. Dried with a gentle method of roller drying, which maintains the high biological and nutritional value of milk. The same drier dries milk also for top quality Swiss and Belgian chocolates such as Barry - Callebaut. Drying produces light caramelization of lactose on rollers, which gives Bon Lait dried milk a pleasant extra flavor.