Bon Lait

Gourmandise minidiary

From the farm of veterinarians from Moravia like from the French farm

  • Bon Lait is a family farm and gourmandise minidiary of veterinarian from Moravia based on the principles of French farms with a long breeding tradition
  • Bon Lait is a high quality milk from the French goats and sheep in Czech breed
  • Bon Lait is certified by IFS - an international food quality and safety certificate
  • Bon Lait produces year-round
Bon Lait is brand for  sheep and goat yoghurts, fresh goat milk without UHT, goat cheese in salted brine, 100% goat colostrum, milk (dried) nutrition from 1 year.

Michaela and Lukáš Hlubek, both vets, know that one of the basics of the quality and delicious taste of fresh milk is to adhere to strict hygiene measures for its production.

And they know how to do it.

Thanks to Bon Lait's goat and sheep milk, the products taste great and in addition the goat ones have a minimal goat flavor.

Bon Lait means French "good milk".

The name hides the philosophy of famous French gourmets who appreciate only fresh and premium quality. This is the milk of French goats and sheep. Why just from them?

Do you know the difference between Czech and French goat? :-)

The purebred French goat is specially grown to give milk with very weak to no goat flavor.

No, it's not a joke ...

That's how the French can do it. And we at Bon Lait.

MVDr. Lukáš Hlubek
MVDr. Lukáš Hlubek

"Goat of french bread is  top, genetically valuable animal with high production potential, whose milk is characterized by excellent quality and content of dairy ingredients as well as very weak to no goat aroma," says MVDr. Lukáš Hlubek, coowner of Bon Lait, who is an expert on dairy goat farms. He gives his know-how and lectures at professional congresses on goat breeding throughout Europe.

"A possible method of measuring the satisfaction of an animal is the level of its milk production, because only a healthy and satisfied animal produces a large amount of quality milk," says veterinarian MVDr. Lukáš Hlubek.