Health effects

Do you know that the goat and shark are the only animals that do not suffer from cancer?

Sheep milk

Sheep milk is superior to cow's milk with higher fat and protein content. The sheep's milk fat depends on the age of the animals, the season, and the feed.

For patients with mild lactose intolerance, sheep's milk is a possible option, usually tolerated by allergics better than cow's milk. Sheep milk also has a high content of calcium, zinc, iodine, magnesium and phosphorus, the calcium content is up to 70% higher than that in cow's milk!

Since sheep's milk contains up to four times the amount of zinc than cow's milk, it is suitable for the treatment of asthma, eczema and other skin disorders.

The flavor of yoghurt is very delicious, similar to the taste and consistency of Greek cow yoghurt. Unlike goat's, it has no or even fine aroma.

Goat colostrum

+ goat's milk

Goat Colostrum is a valuable natural substance that comes from breast milk and its main effect lies in enhancing the body's defenses. The goat colostrum can not be created artificially and therefore we can rightly call it BIOLOGICAL GOLD. The value of goat colostrum is incomparable with any immune enhancer. Goat Colostrum is its unique composition closest to human breast milk.

Goat's milk, as well as goat's colostrum, acts in the human body with a base formation and does not create an acidic environment. It helps to solve digestive tract problems. It is believed that goat's milk and colostrum act as a prevention of cancer.

Goat Colostrum naturally delivers substances that create a sense of joy and balance in our body (Serotonin and Dopamine). Goat colostrum contains more minerals and vitamins, especially calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D than cow colostrum. Goat colostrum also contains more unsaturated fatty acids than cow colostrum.

Goat milk

Goat milk and goat yogurts are suitable for allergy sufferers and patients with autoimmune diseases. Studies confirm that up to 93% of people allergic to cows' milk are not allergic to goat's milk. The fat contained in goat milk is better digestible and has about 10% less lactose than cow's milk.

Goat milk has a positive effect on the nervous system, its regular consumption reduces nervousness and stress, strengthens the immune system, significantly regulates skin moisture, acts beneficial in diseases of the skin, digestive tract, liver and pancreas.

It is believed that goat's milk also works as a prevention of cancer. Goat milk has an alkaline effect in the human body and does not create an acidic environment. It helps in diseases of the digestive tract.

Studies show that people have 60-70% of milk protein allergy, casein. Because goat's milk has a composition other than cow's, and contains 89% less casein, it is well tolerated by both adults and children.