Fresh goat milk Bon Lait

We offer fresh goat milk (without UHT). It has a delicious taste with minimal goat aroma thanks to its high hygiene and cleanliness requirements. The milk is gently pasteurized and non-standardized (ie after fattening the fat content has not been adjusted.)

Packaging: 1 l and 0,7 l
Durability: 14 days
Fat: 3,4%

Bon Lait does not contain cow's protein - DNA of cattle. Made exclusively of milk from Czech breeds, animals were fed without GMO feed.
Solutions for cow protein allergy, lactose intolerance.

It is believed that goat's milk acts as a prevention of cancer.

Goat and shark are the only animals that do not suffer from cancer.

Goat milk is suitable for allergy sufferers and patients with autoimmune diseases.

Studies confirm that up to 93% of people allergic to cows' milk are not allergic to goat's milk.

The fat contained in goat milk is better digestible and has about 10% less lactose than cow's milk. Goat milk has a positive effect on the nervous system, its regular consumption reduces nervousness and stress, strengthens the immune system, significantly regulates skin moisture, acts beneficial in diseases of the skin, digestive tract, liver and pancreas.

Goat milk has an alkaline effect in the human body and does not create an acidic environment. It helps in diseases of the digestive tract.

Studies show that people have 60-70% of milk protein allergy, casein. Because goat's milk has a composition other than cow's, and contains 89% less casein, it is well tolerated by both adults and children.

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