Goat dried milk + goat colostrum

Do you know that the goat and shark are the only animals that do not suffer from cancer?

  • Ideal for making milk, milk drinks and mousses for children and adults
  • Milk nutrition with a solution for intolerance / allergy to cow's milk for children from the first year (cow's milk allergy for more see Impact on health)
  • Goat Colostrum stimulates immunity and strengthens the body's resistance
  • Gently dried by a cylindrical method that retains high biological and nutritional value, Bon Lait fresh milk
Packaging: 330 g

GMO free

Ingredients: 99% dry goat milk, 1% goat colostrum
Fat content: 27%
Shelf life: 18 months
Animals are fed without GMO feed.

The milk is gently pasteurized and non-standardized (ie after fattening the fat content has not been adjusted.)

Nutrition data 100g: Energy: 2121 kJ / 507 kcal, fats: 27.0 g, carbohydrates: 40.0g, protein: 26g, salt: 1.0g, water: 3.0g

Preparation instructions:

Test dry goat milk + goat colostrum - just prepare as many drinks as you just consume - mix 12 g of milk powder with 88 ml of warm water to mix 100 ml of milk and stir well. You will prepare all milk drinks, white coffee, cocoa, cocktails, mash ...

Goat milk is a very good substitute for cow's milk for people suffering from allergies or sensitivity to cows' milk protein. Thanks to its light digestibility, goat milk is ideal for children and excellent for convalescence or digestive disorders. It is a source of high-quality protein, an excellent source of calcium, easily digestible fats, mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins and other beneficial substances. In addition, our Bon Lait milk is enriched with goat colostrum, a unique substance that stimulates the immune system, promotes the immune system, helps protect the organism from harmful environmental effects and a host of civilization diseases.

Goat colostrum

Goat Colostrum is a valuable natural substance that is produced just before breast milk and its main effect is to strengthen the body's defense capacity. The goat colostrum can not be artificially created and can therefore be called biological gold. It is believed that goat's milk and colostrum act as a prevention of cancer, cancer prevention. Goat and shark are the only animals that do not suffer from cancer. The goat colostrum is the closest human human milk to its unique composition, making it very digestible for humans and well-utilized for the organism. Goat's milk, as well as goat's colostrum, acts in the human body with a base formation and does not create an acidic environment. It helps to solve digestive tract problems. Goat Colostrum naturally delivers substances that create a sense of joy and balance in our body (Serotonin and Dopamine).

Goat Colostrum X Cow Colostrum:

  • Goat colostrum, as well as goat's milk, acts in the body to form an alkaline and does not create an acidic environment, so it deals with digestive tract diseases.
  • It is believed that goat's milk and colostrum act as a prevention of cancer
  • Goat Colostrum is its unique composition closest to human breast milk, therefore it is more digestible for humans and more usable for the organism
  • Goat colostrum contains more minerals and vitamins, especially calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D
  • Goat colostrum also contains more unsaturated fatty acids

For children, for women, for whole family

Dried goat milk + goat colostrum is suitable for children as young as 1 year of age as a dairy nutrition to combat intolerance / allergy to cow's milk.
Dried goat milk + goat colostrum is suitable as a lactating milk for milk and milk powder.
More about Cow Milk allergy - click on Health
Dried goat milk + goat colostrum is also suitable for older children, adults, athletes and seniors, as goat's milk + goat colostrum stimulates immunity and strengthens the body's resistance.
Use it for making milk drinks or slurries as for children, or every morning just dry for a spoon. It is delicious, tastes like this for children.

Goat's milk + goat colostrum knows women as an elixir of youth and beauty. It acts directly on skin moisture and significantly influences its quality.

Since the goat's milk in the body acts basically, it has a positive influence on digestion and hence on skin regeneration processes. Goat's milk also has a beneficial effect on skin diseases.

Do you know that Bon Lait goat milk + goat colostrum is gently dried by a cylindrical method that preserves the biological and nutritional value of milk? Milk for Swiss and Belgian chocolates of the highest quality is also dried.
Drying the milk on the rollers produces light caramelization of lactose on the roller walls, which gives the dried milk a pleasant taste bonus in addition to a very light goat aroma.

Where to buy goat colostrum + goat milk?

Duck goat milk with goat colostrum can be purchased at the e-shop of Dr. Max. The advantage is that Dr. Max sends a free e-shop to any of his stores. To buy click here: E-shop Dr. Max

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