Sheep yoghurt Bon Lait

Sheep yoghurt Bon Lait
Sheep yoghurt Bon Lait
Sheep yoghurt Bon Lait is made from fresh, non-standardized milk with a great emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene both on the farm and in the dairy. This makes it taste very delicious, it has absolutely no aroma, just pleasantly dairy milk, very similar to cow's. The milk is gently pasteurized and non-standardized (ie after fattening the fat content has not been adjusted.)
Sheep yoghurt Bon Lait matures in a pot. Even in a natural flavorless version it has a pleasantly sweet taste due to the time of fermentation.
Sheep yoghurt Bon Lait is GMO free, ie. that our French sheep are fed with natural, genetically unmodified feed.
Shelf life: 30 days

Fat content: min 5,0 - 5.8 %

Without preservatives and thickeners, non-standardized milk, no added fat - naturally natural yoghurt

Sheep yoghurt Bon Lait tastes similar to Greek cow yoghurt. It is a solution for allergy sufferers with intolerance to cow's milk.

Our tip

Taste the Bon Lait Sheep Yogurt Salty Caramel - it's just slightly sweet and its flavor is inspired by our travels through the French Breton

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